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Are You Charting A New Course For Next Year ? If you hadn't planned on doing things differently next year - think again ! Your customer, the Federal Government, will definitely be doing business differently in the near future. With insourcing now a regular part of everyday life, the reduction of out year budgets a certainty, and the possibility of continuing resolutions stretching off beyond the horizon, the marketplace will be much competitive than it already is.

Capture Management

Following the industry-standard business development models espoused by Shipley and SM&A, among others, it's our contention that the preparation for a government procurement is much like the tactical planning we employed in the Army. Commander's Concept?

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Pipeline Management

Pipeline management, care and feeding is one of the most misunderstood subjects in our industry, because most folks don't understand that BD in the Federal market space is NOT sales. The development of a new business pipeline is a specialty that requires significant effort to get it right. The crux of the process is backwards planning - nothing fancy, no rocket science - just hard work and rigorous application of process.

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Turnkey Pursuits

DB4 consultants can take on your largest pursuits 'in total', providing you capture management, proposal management, Price-To-Win, graphics, editing, and complete publishing.

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Links To Briefings

Download a copy of an article written for Government Acquisit​i​on magazine.

The 6 C's of Capture
See our discussion of the basics of Capture Management.

What Our Clients Say

"DB4 Consulting provided professional support - coaching rather than directing - allowing us to win 2 simultaneous procurements of over $ 100M in value." CEO, Application Development Firm