Proposal Management – Closing The Deal

Following the industry-standard business development models espoused by Shipley and SM&A, among others, it’s our contention that the preparation for a government procurement is much like the tactical planning we employed in the Army. Commander’s Concept? We call that CONOPS now. Enemy Order of Battle? See the ‘Competition’ slide in the ubiquitous step briefing or gate review. Intelligence Preparation? We now know them as customer calls & industry meetings. In all these phases we follow a logical process that fits into our copyrighted ” Six C’s Of Capture Management”.

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So What Is A ” Good Proposal ” ?

Our ” Proposal Oaths” are an attempt to bring a little (very little, maybe) to a fairly dry subject. The ‘one-liners’ below are just a taste ions that surround each ‘C’.

  • The Hippocratic Oath: First, be compliant.
  • The Consultant’s Oath: Be responsive – be the solution to the client’s problem. Thou shalt not cause problems.
  • The Oath of Focus: Be ‘laser-focused’ on the customer’s objectives. Thou shalt not make claim without proof.
  • The Oath of Strength: Thou shalt use many graphics, tables & call-outs to show the Government that you can “Make It Happen”.
  • The Oath of Ease: Ensure that your proposal easy to evaluate – outline your document to meet the checklist.
  • The Oath of Attraction: Use white space, industry-standard publishing, and quality graphics to show a professional appearance.
  • The Oath of Grammar: Use active voice with concise statements and remember: Thou shalt not mis-spell.

Most firms spend too much time & too many resources on competitive issues, and not enough on the RFP itself. Think of it as a golf game – the pro’s tell us to ‘play the course, not the competition’. Ask us why….